45 minutes ago
Apple's next-generation "iPhone 12" will incorporate "high-end" lens arrays in its rear-facing camera design, according to analyst Ming-Chi Kuo.
By Mikey Campbell | 45 minutes ago
9 hours ago
Oil traders looking for ways to estimate fuel demand were disappointed by Apple's mobility data, a report claims
By Mike Peterson | 9 hours ago
9 hours ago
Apple and Google are complying with a new Indian government order to block apps developed by Chinese firms.
By Mike Peterson | 9 hours ago
10 hours ago
BMW on Thursday added Digital Key support to its BMW Connected app, a little over a week after Apple announced a digital car key feature set to debut with iOS 13.6.
By Mike Peterson | 10 hours ago
12 hours ago
WWDC is more than a flash two-hour keynote, it's an entire week of developer sessions. We asked developers worldwide what they thought of the new online format.
By William Gallagher | 12 hours ago
12 hours ago
Apple's new Mac Pro isn't stuck with what you buy at initial purchase. A SSD upgrade kit from the company can quickly add one to eight terabytes of storage to your professional workstation by following these steps.
By Andrew O'Hara | 12 hours ago
12 hours ago
A final ruling has come down from the appeals court, and Apple is on the hook for import duties on the long-discontinued iPad 2 Smart Cover
By Mike Peterson | 12 hours ago
15 hours ago
Apple on Thursday launched a new online portal for the Apple Card, letting users manage their cards through a browser.
By Mike Peterson | 15 hours ago