New online summer workshop programme   Because of Coronavirus, Equal Power training is moving online. 

This summer, we’re running a programme of  FREE online training for women on getting into politics, using your voice online and community organising and leadership. This programme includes sessions on getting into politics specifically for women who are Black, Asian or part of a minority ethnicity. 

You don't need any existing knowledge or experience. Sign up for several different sessions or just one, whatever works for you.

Take part to be inspired and gain the skills and knowledge to get more politically active. We welcome women from across the political parties. 

Getting into Politics

How can I become a Councillor in England? The Parliament Project will help you explore what councillors do. Learn about how councils work, explore councillors’ responsibilities and the time commitment and skills you might need. Hear from women councillors across the political spectrum and learn about their journeys, be inspired to represent your local area.

How can I become an MP? With the Parliament Project explore what UK Parliament does, how MPs fulfill their responsibilities, and the difference between being an MP in Government and in opposition. As well as the time commitment, skills and experiences required to take on the role. Hear from current women MPs about their route into politics, and the challenges and opportunities they’ve faced.

Meet The New Girls Network 50:50 Parliament support women getting into politics: 50 women inspired by the campaign stood in the last general election, and 9 MPs were elected. In these inspiring networking events, you'll learn how 50:50 Parliament can help you build your personal political profile and match you with a buddy from your party to support you on your journey. You will also meet some amazing women MPs and members of the 50:50 team. 

Getting into politics as a Black, Asian or minority ethnicity Woman

Candid Conversations: On being an MP and a woman and BAME Muslim Women's Network UK will be hosting a panel discussion with women MPs who are also from a BAME background from across different political parties. Join to hear about their journeys into politics, the change they been able to make as well as to hear about the additional barriers they’ve faced as BAME women MPs.

Exploring Your Political Pathway for BAME women In this session The Parliament Project will help you explore ways to become more politically active and demystify the process of standing to be an MP or councillor. Connect with other BAME women also wanting to make a difference and get into politics.

Using your voice online

Digital Self Defence: How to Keep Politically Active Women Safe Online  Are you a woman involved in grassroots campaigns or a woman with political ambitions yet the fear of online abuse is preventing you from taking the next step forward? Is the toxicity on social media yet another barrier for you to take your rightful space? Are you a woman needing support to set boundaries and make digital spaces better serve you and your career ambitions?  Then this one hour free online workshop run by Glitch is for you.

This interactive workshop will help you better understand online abuse and vital digital self defence and self care strategies to enable you to have a flourishing online presence without compromising your wellbeing.

Community organising and leadership

Effective action: how to make impact not just noise Have you ever identified an injustice but not known how to take action? This is for women who want to learn how to make change. Citizens UK will talk you through a theoretical framework for planning effective action. You’ll hear from women who've had an impact and do some practical action planning yourself. 18th August - sign up here

Intro to Community Organising Citizens UK will introduce you to 'broad based community organising' - this theory and training comes from the original training school for civil rights leaders including most famously Rosa Parks. You will learn how community organising works, some of its basic structures and how it helps ordinary people make change in their communities, neighbourhood, and even nation.

Your next civic role. Take on a board role Learn about being a charity trustee and on a company’s board of directors with Muslim Women's Network UK. Get a better understanding of the recruitment process, responsibilities, time commitment and skills and experience you might need. Hear from inspiring women with board experience.