Ali on the Run Show: 258. Feel-Good Friday with Claudia Thompson, President of Claudia Connects

"You're the one. If you want to do're the one that's going to do it." My greatest wish for my daughter is that she never lacks confidence. Some people are born with it, but for others, cultivating confidence takes work it's like a muscle that has to be flexed repeatedly in order to get stronger. Claudia Thompson is the president of Claudia Connects, a personal and professional training, development, and networking events company, and on this episode, she shares all her best tips and tricks for building your own confidence. She shares her own confidence journey, reflecting on being a Black woman her mom is from Jamaica and her dad is from Panama in predominantly white spaces. She also talks about practicing vulnerability, and explains how confidence in life will help us all on the run. Feel-Good Fridays on the Ali on the Run Show are brought to you by UCAN.and use code ONTHERUN25 for 25% off your first UCAN order. Returning UCAN fans can use code ONTHERUN for 15% off. What